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Zack Snyder dice que hay varios cortes del director de ‘Rebel Moon’




Zack Snyder’s

 creative control over his Netflix sci-fi universe doesn’t mean he is dispensing with his penchant for director’s cuts. The Rebel Moon director hinted to Entertainment Weekly that he created several versions of these films. These versions are Rated R and alter the story significantly.

“Tonally, they’re completely different. They’re each an hour longer,” Snyder said about the two different cuts. “They’re three hours each, and there are tons of scenes that aren’t in the initial versions. We went so far into the weeds with it to the point that even within the body of the movie, a line that was the same in PG-13 as it is in R might be a different take of the same line. Emotionally, it’s more like a parallel universe than an extended version. Things happen that in the R-rated version that don’t happen in the PG-13. The event order is all different, so it’s really an interesting exercise.”

This is an exercise that fans of the director should be familiar with. The Snyder Cut of The Justice League may have seemed like a fluke because the filmmaker had to step away from the project during a trying time, but time and again, Snyder shows his creativity with different versions of the film. He even wants to go back and rehash the much-maligned film, Sucker Punch, if he ever gets the chance. But Rebel Moon is perhaps the most ambitious project he has taken on.

“We definitely made four separate movies,” Snyder said.” There’s no doubt about that.” Also without a doubt is the time and energy that would go into such an endeavor. Much more goes into filming different versions of these projects than an additional scene or two.


‘Rebel Moon’ Director’s Cuts Changed the Film On A Cellular Level

Snyder has never done anything by a half-measure. Whether movie fans appreciate him or not, he puts dedication into his craft. One of the primary examples of this was the difference between the PG-13 and R versions. Aspects such as the fight choreography change intrinsically from one tone to another. Rebel Moon stunt coordinator Freddy Bouciegues explained that Rated R fights can show graphic content like blood spurts while the violence gets toned down for other versions. He said they filmed everything they could, which didn’t make it into the Netflix version.

For a more brutal and specific fight experience, fans would have to watch the director’s cut, which did not hold anything back. Bouciegues did not confirm when the director’s cuts would be released but assured readers that it would be a wild ride when they did. Currently, fans can watch Rebel Moon and Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver on Netflix.